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The primary calibration standards for pressure at IDEMI are the Dead Weight Testers which use the measurements of force and area to produce a pressure to calibrate instruments with great accuracy. The force is derived from weight and the area is that of a piston and a cylinder.

Following table gives the list of Dead Weight Testers used in the laboratory along with their operational ranges and accuracies. When using the DWTs, corrections for temperature and variation due to acceleration in gravity (Nominal Pressure x Local ‘g’/ Std ‘g’) are also incorporated.

Dead Weight Tester Calibration

The Calibration of Dead Weight Tester is done by using the Cross-Float System. Two separate system covers a Pneumatic Range (0.1 to 35 bar) and Hydraulic Range (2 to 2500 bar).

Pressure Laboratory

Commissioned very low-pressure controller/Calibrator, Make: Fluke DHI, Model: 7250LP. Range: ± 75mbar with an uncertainty ± 0.01% of reading and Model: 7250i. Range: ± 350 mbar with an uncertainty ± 0.01% of reading.

Calibration of Magnehelic Gauges, low pressure Gauges, Manometers, Indicators, calibrators & in low pressure instruments mainly used in pharmaceutical industries and also for all NABL, accredited laboratory standards.

No. DWT/Piston, Gauges Range CMC (±)
1. Fluke DHI Model PG7601(Pneumatic) 0.1 to 35 bar 0.005% of reading
2. Fluke DHI Model PG7302(Hydraulic) 2 to 2800 bar 0.007% of reading
3. Low Pressure Controller (Ruska, Model 7250LP) ±75 mbar 0.02% of of reading
4. Low Pressure Controller (DHI, Model 7250i) ±350 mbar 0.02% of of reading
5. Precision Digital Pressure Indicator Make: Paroscientific Inc. Model: 785-50A-500A 0 to -0.9750 bar 0.01% of of reading

Calibration Measurement Capability

No. DWT/Piston, Gauges Range CMC (±)
1. Pneumatic Pressure ±75 mbar(g)
±350 mbar(g)
0.1 to 35 bar(g & abs)
1 to 200 bar(g)
0.02% of reading
0.02% of reading
0.005% of reading
0.005% of reading
2. Hydraulic Pressure:
DWT Calibration (At Lab)
Pressure Indicating Devices

2 to 2500 bar(g & abs)
2 to 2800 bar(g & abs)

0.007% of reading
0.007% of reading
3. Negative Pressure 0 to -0.9750 bar(g) 0.01% of reading

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Mr. Kundan Khandare Senior Technical Assistant E-mail : pressure@idemi.org Phone No : 022-24050301/02/03/04 ext 225 Mobile No: 9819795465