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Institute for Design Of Electrical Measuring Instruments

सूक्ष्म, लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. Of India

MSME Technology Centre


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Right to Information Act (Introduction) Download Notice
Functions and Duties of IDEMI, MUMBAI Download Notice
Powers And Duties of IDEMI Officers and Employees Download Notice
Procedure Followed For The Decision Making Process Download Notice
Norms For The Discharge Of Functions Download Notice
Rules, Regulations, Instruction used by Employees for discharging its Functions Download Notice
Statement of The Categories Of Documents Held By MSME-TDC (IDEMI), MUMBAI-22
or Under Its Control
Download Notice
Particulars of Any Arrangement which exists for Consultation with or Registration by
the Members of The Public in Relation to the Formulation of its Policies or Implementation thereto
Download Notice
Statement of Boards, Committees and Other Bodies Download Notice
Directory of IDEMI Employees Download Notice
Monthly Remuneration of Employees Download Notice
Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits or Authorizations Download Notice
Form of Application for Seeking Information Download Notice
Acknowledgement of Application Download Notice
FORM 'B' (Transfer of Application Form) Download Notice
FORM 'C' (Rejection Order) Download Notice
Particulars of Public Information Officer of IDEMI, MUMBAI Download Notice
Sexual Harassment Committee Members of IDEMI, MUMBAI Download Notice