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Fluid Flow Calibration Lab

Fluid Flow Calibration Laboratory offers in-house as well as on site calibration service to the clients arising out of their specific requirements from time to time. The state-of-art flow laboratory is designed as per international requirement and the test rig is confirming to ISO 4185 which is used for Fluid Flow Measurement & Calibration of liquid flow meters of process industries, Flowmeter manufacturer, water utilities and third party inspectors while ensuring traceability of their calibration to National / International Standards.

Liquid Flow meters Calibration facilities:

  1. Pipe Sizes from 2”/4”/6”/ 8” pipe lines.
  2. Flow Rates 1.5 m3/h to 240 m3/h &1.5 T/h to 240 T/h
  3. Calibration and Measurement capability ±0.31%.
  4. Site Calibration using ultrasonic flow meter, CMC ±1.5% flow rates 1.5 m3/h to 240 m3/h.
  5. NABL, Accreditation of Flow Lab. as per ISO 17025 :2017
  6. Calibration by Gravimetric Method.
  7. Flow medium: Water at ambient conditions.
  8. Calibration of liquid flow meters on flow calibration rig as per ISO 4185
  9. Water meters calibration.
  10. Electro magnetic flow meters calibration.
  11. Turbine flow meters calibration.
  12. Mass flow meters calibration.
  13. Rota meters calibration
  14. P.D. flow meters calibration
  15. Ultrasonic flow meters calibration.

For Scope of Accreditation Please click on following link and select CC-2287


Mr. M.K.CHARATE Assistant Director(Flow lab) E-mail : flow@idemi.org Phone No : 022-24050301/02/03/04 ext 218 Mobile No: 9969455600