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Institute for Design Of Electrical Measuring Instruments

सूक्ष्म, लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. Of India

MSME Technology Centre


electrical laboratory :

The Electrical Laboratory consists of Electrical Calibration Laboratory & Electrical Testing Laboratory. The Electrical Laboratory undertakes calibration and testing of Electrical Instruments relating to DC & AC electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Resistance, Inductance & Capacitance, Power Factor, Frequency (rpm) etc.The standards maintained in the Laboratory are traceable to National / International Standards. Besides calibration the Instruments are also Type – Tested as per BIS, BS, NEMA & IEC standards. The Lab also undertakes field calibration & testing at sites in plants, ships etc. Electrical Laboratory also undertakes testing of Domestic Appliances, Igniters, Electrical / Electronic Ballast & Electrical Relays as per relevant BIS Standards. The Laboratory has facilities to carryout Energy Audit, Harmonic Measurement, Environmental Testing & Ingress Protection (IP) testing of Instruments, Equipments, Electrical Panels & Products.

design & development laboratory :

Design and Development is a continuous activity at the Institute and it is purely based on the emerging needs of the Instrument industry. The main objective behind the Institute’s design and development work is to transfer the technical know-how developed to the instrument manufacturers or entrepreneurs on nonexclusive basis. (The development work at the IDEMI’s above laboratory has, therefore, attracted many units and entrepreneurs and has resulted in a good rapport between the Institute and various manufacturing units.) The laboratory normally undertakes the development work in consultation with the users as well as the manufacturers so that the right type of product is developed which is commercially viable too. Institute’s achievements in the design and development field and details on prototypes developed are published through Newsletter and displays at exhibitions apart from individual contacts / communications. Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers are always approaching the Institute for any design and development assistance that may be required by them from time to time. The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) of Government of India recognizes the Institute as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO).

process control instruments laboratory :

The Process Control Instruments Laboratory consists of Pressure Laboratory, Temperature Laboratory & Flow Laboratory.The Process Control Instruments Lab. Undertakes calibration and testing of Instruments relating to Pressure, Vacuum, Temperature, Force & Flow.The standards maintained in the laboratories are traceable to National / International Standards. Besides Calibration Instruments are also Type Tested as per B/S, NBS, DIN & IEC Standards. The lab also undertakes field calibration at sites, in-plants, on shore installations and drilling ships & service vassals at off shore. DIMENSIONAL METROLOGY LABORATORY Dimensional Metrology Laboratory undertakes calibration of Instruments relating to measurement of length, Torque such as Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, slip Gauges, Dial Gauges, Torque Testers etc. It also undertakes Dimensional Verification of Tools, Products, Profile contour using CMM etc. The Calibration & Testing Laboratories are well equipped meeting the National / International Standards. The Electrical & Process Control Instruments Laboratories were accredited earlier under the NCTCF program of accreditation and recently in the area of calibration under the National Accreditation Board for Calibration & Testing Laboratories (NABL) for Electro-technical, Mechanical (Pressure) & Fluid Flow Measurements.

training department :

The Training Department conducts short term courses ranging from 2 days to 1 week duration on various topics related to instrumentation. National Seminars on front-line topics on instrumentation and electrical engineering are also conducted every year. Tailor made programs are conducted exclusively catering to the requirements of customer either in the Institute or at site. The NABL/DST has also recognized IDEMI as a Regional Training Center for conducting residential courses on “Laboratory Quality System and Management”, “Internal Audit for Laboratories” and “Laboratory Assessors Training”. These courses are conducted in accordance with the new International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 which is the “General Requirements of Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories”. Institute has setup CAD / CAM Training Center & conducts Training Programs in this field of duration ranging from 60-100 Hrs to 3 months for Engineering Students & Professionals.

mechanical workshop :

Mechanical Workshop plays a vital role in the development of Instrument Industry whether it falls under small, medium or large scale. Apart from prototype models manufacturing, Mechanical Workshop greatly caters to Industry’s needs in Tool Design, Tool fabrication, Critical & Complex components production, batch production or special instrument parts in smaller quantity etc right from the inception. Mechanical Workshop has been undertaking design and fabrication of press tools, Plastic Moulding Tools, Pressure Dies Casting Tools. By accepting and undertaking jobs in Mechanical Workshop IDEMI’s endeavor is mainly to help small scale sector for up liftment of their Technology Development and Manufacture of import substitutes against specific demand is also undertaken by Workshop is already equipped with most modern machine tools and some are added every year purely depending on critical needs & long term objectives.