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Institute for Design Of Electrical Measuring Instruments

सूक्ष्म, लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

MSME Technology Centre, Government Of India Society


IDEMI-Tool Design is a specialized area of manufacturing engineering which comprises the analysis, planning, design, construction and application of tools, methods and procedures necessary to increase manufacturing productivity. We support end-to-end tool design and development at IDEMI for fixtures, press tools, Molds, & Dies. We also provide consultation on selecting the best suitable tooling for specific operation. Our collaboration with premier tool design research industries enables us to keep track of the latest technologies and trends in tool design.

List of Tool Design services :

  1. Die Casting Dies
  2. Plastic Mould Design
  3. Press Tool Design
  4. Jigs/ Fixtures Design
  5. Reverse Engineering
  6. Rapid Prototyping
  7. Product Design & Development

objectives of Tool Design :

  1. Reduce the overall cost of manufacturing a product by producing acceptable parts at lowest cost.
  2. Increase the production rate by designing tools that will produce parts as quickly as possible.
  3. Maintain quality by designing tools which will consistently produce parts with the required precision.
  4. Reduce the cost of special tooling by making every design as cost effective and efficient as possible.
  5. Design tools that will be safe and easy to operate.

How we can help :

  1. Design aspects related to some tooling such as jigs and fixtures, press tools, cutting tools, inspection guages and welding jigs.
  2. Complete 2D & 3D design of tool for better understanding.
  3. Aspects related to manufacturing engineering as practiced in the shop floor, since IDEMI has fully equipped tool room.
  4. Complete design to build ownership, from simple to complex tools.
  5. Develop in-house Tools and productivity improvement techniques for tool design, evaluation and validation

Quick Fact :

  1. Expert Designers with good tool-design experience.
  2. Experience in various fields Of design such as jigs and fixtures, assembly and disassembly tools, repair, press tools, Injection Molds, Die Casting Dies & Reverse Engineering.
  3. Systems with best configurations to support design of complicated tools.
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Mr. M. S. Kamat Assistant Director E-mail : tooldesign@idemi.org Phone No : 022-24050301/02/03/04 ext 254 Mobile No: 9987538603