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Thermal Calibration

Thermal calibration laboratory is equipped with state of the master standards like Fixed point cells, SPRT sensors, Sec.PRT sensors, S Type Thermocouple, Low temperature bath and dry wells, High temperature furnaces, black body source , thermometry bridge , thermometer readouts etc.

Thermal Calibration Laboratory undertakes the calibration of :

  1. SPRT / PRT sensors in the temp. Range -196°C to 660 °C by fixed point method.
  2. RTD(PRT) sensors in the temp. range -80°C to 660 °C by comparison method.
  3. Infrared (IR) Thermometers in the temp. range 0°C to 500 °C
  4. Thermocouples of various types in the temp. range Ambient to 1000 °C
  5. Glass Thermometers -50°C to 250 °C
  6. Digital temp. indicators / Data Logger with sensors etc.
  7. Dry Block Calibrator,Furnace -80°C to 1000°C
  8. On site calibration of IR thermometers, Deep Freezers, cold storage, humidity chambers, generators, ovens, environmental chambers etc.

NABL accredited Scope of thermal calibration laboratory :

Instrument Range Calibration Measurement Capability
At lab: Fixed Point Method
SPRT Sensors using fixed point method Liquid Nitrogen Comparator(-195.798°C) 4.4 mK
Triple Point of Mercury (-38.8344°C) 2.9 mK
Triple Point of Water (0.01°C) 1.5 mK
Gallium Melting Point (29.7646°C) 3.2 mK
Tin Freezing Point (231.928°C) 3.2 mK
Zinc Freezing Point (419.527°C) 5.4 mK
Aluminum Freezing Point(660.323°C) 6.9 mK
At Lab & Site : Comparison Method
RTD, Thermocouple (with & without indicator),
Temp. indicator, Data loggers etc with sensors
-80 °C to 140°C 0.12 °C
140 °C to 660°C 0.23 °C
Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer -50°C to 250 °C 0.17 °C
Thermocouple ( With & Without Indicator), Temperature Indicators/
Data Logger Etc With Sensors
>660°C to 1000°C 1.52 °C
IR Thermometer/ Non-Contact Thermometer / Pyrometer 0 to 120 °C
120 to 250 °C
250 to 500 °C
0.9 °C
1.98 °C
2.19 °C
Humidity Indicator with sensor of Humidity chamber
/ Environmental Chamber
10 % to 95 % RH at 25 ° C 1.3% RH
95% RH at 25°C to 70°C 1.3% RH
Temperature Chambers/Deep Freezers / Oven -80°C to 0°C 1.2 °C
0 to 250°C 2.5 °C
Temperature Indicator Of Cold chambers, Ovens,
Incubators, Furnaces, Baths etc At Single Position
-80°C to 660°C 0.23 °C
660°C to 1000°C 1.52 °C

Click here for Scope of Accreditation and then click on CC-2287


Mr. Nishant Pawaskar Joint Director (ECL) E-mail : thermal@idemi.org Mobile No : 8104293678 Phone No : 022-24050301/02/03/04 ext 240