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Institute for Design Of Electrical Measuring Instruments

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MSME Technology Centre, Government Of India Society

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Type Testing


(NABL Accreditation Certificate No. TC-5538)


Products Standard
AC Static Watthour Meters
Class 1&2
IS 13779, IEC/EN 62052-11, IEC/EN 62053-21
CBIP 325
AC Static Transformer Operated Watthour and
VAR-Hour Meters
Class 0.28, 0.5S and 1.0S
IS 14697, IEC/EN 62052-11, IEC/EN 62053-21
CBIP 325
Prepaypement meters IS 15884
Smart meters IS 16444
Direct Acting Indicating Analog Electrical
Measuring Instruments and their Accessories
IS 1248 (Part 1 to 8)
Direct Measuring Instruments for Measurement)
and Control
IS 13875 (Part 1 & 2)
AC Supplied Electronic ballast IS 13021, IEC 61347-2-3 IEC 60928
Ballast for fluorescent Lamps IS 1534
Static relays for Power Protection System IS 3231, IEC/EN 60255
All Electrically | Operated Domestic Appliances & their Accesories

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Mr. C.M.Patil Assistant Director(Testing lab) E-mail : etl@idemi.org Phone No : 022-24050301/02/03/04 ext 235 Mobile No: 9324350952 | 9372330934 (Lab Mobile)