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Institute for Design Of Electrical Measuring Instruments

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Calibration Laboratories

IDEMI is established in 1969 and having more than 50 years of its existence in the field of calibration, serving all types of industries for calibration of Electrical, Electronics and Process Control Measuring Instruments used in the field of Pressure, Thermal, Flow, Mass, Volume and Dimensional Metrology.Today IDEMI is a Premier Calibration Laboratory in Asia with dedicated qualified & experienced metrologist having more than 4 decades of experience, primary calibration standards with state-of-art technology and data bank.

IDEMI laboratories were first accredited by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India earlier by NCTCF from 1989 and now by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) which is constituent body of Quality Councilof India as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 from past 30 years. Our NABL Accreditation No. is CC-2287.

IDEMI is regularly calibrating various measuring instruments required by various industries, but today we are also specialized for calibration of Calibrators, Precision Reference Standards specially used in calibration and testing laboratories and manufacturers of test and measuring instruments.

For example, our CMC in Power / Energy calibration is 20 ppm by using Precision Power Calibration System (PPCS). Similarly in SPRT and Thermocouple calibration , it is 1.3 mK by using Fixed Point Method as per ITS - 1990. IDEMI is using primary standards which are normally used in various National Metrological Institutes of various countries and maintaining the highest traceability with SI system of units through NIST USA, PTB Germany, NPL India, NRCC Canada, LNE France, METAS Switzerland etc.

By using above system, IDEMI is offering calibration services to following industries:

  1. Heavy Electrical Manufacturing Industries like Steel, Transformer, Oil, Motor, Switchgear, Alternator, Generator, Cable manufacturers etc.
  2. Continuous process plants like Cement, Steel, Petro-chemical, Sugar, Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy and Automobiles etc.
  3. Specific calibration requirements of Aviation, Naval, Space and Defense industries.
  4. Clinical Pathology, Bio-Medical testing and Agriculture laboratories ,Food and Drug Testing Laboratories, Chemical Testing Laboratories and Material Testing Laboratories etc.
  5. Calibration and Testing Laboratories & Test and Measuring Equipments.

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