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Plasma Activated Ozone Sanitiser

Plasma Activated Ozone Sanitizer is developed for hand sanitization by application of Ozone gas. In comparison with other methods of hand sanitization like soaps or chemicals, this method does not affect the human skin rather it only targets bacteria and also does not leave its trace on palms. Also it does not require periodic refill as it uses electricity for the operation. Just by using electricity, Ozone gas is generated by the equipment. It works on single phase 230 V supply and generates 10ppm ozone gas as output. The equipment also controls the exposure of Ozone gas to palms of any individual, ensuring safe operation. The compact size of the equipment facilitates its application for house, offices and public places also. This technology is transferred to National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), New Delhi.

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Solar Operated Trash Compactor

The Purpose Behind designing this machine was to reduce the waste by Volume by Compacting the dry trash. The Capacity of the machine is 5 times to that of normal Trash Can. The machine works totally on solar & when fully filled, indicates with SMS to the Cleaning staff to collect the filled box waste. The compactor is a smart Garbage bins which helps to compress the trash, hence reduces the trash which comes out of the Garbage bins which are situated on road. It works on low running cost since it is solar Operated. Can be used in Gardens, Public places, Bus stands, Railway Station etc.

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Rapid Composting Machine

This machine is an ultimate solution to the worsening waste disposal and Natural Resources management problem. With our Rapid Composition Digestion Technology it can converts organic waste into organic fertilizer by using our specially designed Rapid Composting Machine and Digestion Reactor and Additive solution which turn the Waste into Wealth. The end product of composed materials is a high-nutrient organic fertilizer improves organic content water holding capacity and exchange capacity of soil. As a result, plants and crops will have higher yield and natural resistance to pest while at the same time reducing inorganic fertilizer consumption.

Model: Rapid Composting Machine

Operation Capacity: 80 kg/shift (8hrs./day)

Power Supply: 3-Phase/220 Volts AC