electrical calibration

The Electrical Measuring Instrument Calibration Laboratory is Accredited Laboratory by NABL (National Accreditation Board of Laboratories, New DelhiAccreditation No. (C 085 ).This Laboratory is equipped with State-of-Art Standard Measuring Instruments having an accuracy from 0.001% to 2 % and covering wide variety of Electrical Measuring Parameters.

Laboratory undertakes the Calibration of following Electrical Measuring Equipments:
1. DCV, DCA, AC Power Meter
2. Rotary Sub-standard Meter
3. Static Sub-standard Meter 
4. Power line Transducer
5. Power line Analyzer 
6. Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance Bridge
7.Conductance Meter
8. Current Transformer up to 3200 A
9. ACV, ACA, AC (1 & 3-phase) Hz, pF, kVA, RkVA, KWH, kVAh, RkVAh, Phase   Angle Meter
10. Potential Transformer up to 33 kV 
11. Contact as well as Non-contact Type Tachometer 
12. 3 ½, 4 ½, 5 ½, 6 ½<  Digital Multimeter 
13. Shunt, Clamp-on-Meters, Meggers, Decade LCR Boxes 
14. Electrical Calibration Laboratory also undertakes the Calibration & Testing job at site / field 
15. AC/DC High Voltage Measurement.
FLUKE 5500A Calibrator Multifunction Standard for Calibration of Digital Multimeters SPECIAL FEATURES

I. Precision Static Energy Meter Calibration
The Laboratory is regularly calibrating and certifying Precision Static Energy Standards like
1. L & G make TVE 102 / E (Class 0.05 
2. Schlumberger make SM 3050 (Class 0.07)
3. Zera, TPZ 303 (Class 0.02)
by using Three Phase Power and Energy Calibration Standard ROTEK, Model 8000 – 3P having an accuracy of 0.01% and Standard Watt-Converter Model ROTEK MSB 001 A having an accuracy of 0.005%. Various Electricity Boards in the country such as MSEB, MPEB, GEB, Goa Electricity Board, KSEB, NTPC, BSES, BEST, Grid Corporation of India and several other private organizations are availing these facilities to calibrate their Energy Standards.

II. Harmonic Analysis
Electrical Calibration Laboratory is having large experience to carry out the Harmonic Analysis in Carbon, Chemical, Cement, Still & all other Continuous Process Plants. Harmonic Analysis is carried out by using DRANETZ ENERGY ANALYSER MODEL 8000-2 having harmonic analysis option HUR - 50. Following are the features of the Harmonic Analyser:
1. Measurements made easy by clamp-on CTs
2. No shut down for continuous Process Plants
3. Sample rate every 5 seconds
4. Instant printouts of data for power line parameters like V, I, W, Vcf, Icf, Vthd, Ithd PF etc.
5. Printout of phasor diagrams and wave shapes
6. Measurement of Individual Harmonics & their phase angle w.r.t. fundamental.
7. All printout contains the date and time of the measurement.

Best Measurement Capability for Electrical Calibration

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