Course Syllabus
Advance Animation & Film Making Principals of Animation, Layout Drawings, Maya 2009, Flash cs4, Adobe Aftereffect cs4, Adobe Premier pro cs4, Adobe Photoshop Cs4, Swish Max., Encore DVD, Adobe Sound booth, Virtual DJ, VCD / DVD Cutter.
Duration: 12 Months | Fees: 1,00,000 INR
LIVE ANIMATION & SPECIAL FX Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Video Capturing, Working Video Formats, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After effects, Project.
Duration: 6 Months | Fees: 90,000 INR
3 D ANIMATION & SPECIAL FX Photoshop, Maya 2009, 3D Max 2009, Motion builder 2009, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After effects, Project
Duration: 6 Months | Fees: 1,20,000 INR
MAYA 3D Animation Photoshop, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Dynamics, Character Animation, Adobe Premier Pro, Project
Duration: 6 Months | Fees: 30,000 INR
Classical Animation Animation Drawing Concepts, Storyboard Writing, Developing in between, Writing Exposure Charts, Graphic Designing, Flash, ToonBoom
Duration: 9 Months | Fees: 45,000 INR
Web Designing & Developing Dremweaver, HTML, CSS, Flash, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Java Scripting, Web Designing, Adobe Premier Pro, Creating you own website.
Duration: 2 Months | Fees: 30,000 INR
FILM MAKING (EDITING) Story Board Planning, Script, Source Clip Capturing and Importing, Editing Video, Adding Transition, Sound Mixing, Title Creation, Super Imposing & composing, Animation a clip, Applying Effects, CD-DVD Authoring Capturing, Final DVD, Trouble Shooting, Premier pro.
Duration: 3 Months | Fees: 25,000 INR
Graphics Designing & Web Designing Adobe Photoshop Cs4, Adobe Illustrator cs4, Adobe in Design, Corel Draw, Ms-Publisher, Dreamweaver, Flash, Java Scripting, Web page Designing, Creating your own website.
Duration: 3 Months | Fees: 30,000 INR
2 D ANIMATION Photoshop, Flash, ToonBoom Studio, Project
Duration: 2 Months | Fees: 10,000 INR
Graphics Designing Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Coral Draw, Project
Duration: 2 Months | Fees: 15,000 INR
Maya & Web Designing (SilverLight Technology) Modelling, Textureing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Flash, FTP, Java Scripting, Web designing, Creating your own website, project.
Duration: 6 Months | Fees: 60,000 INR
ADVANCE WEB ANIMATION (Silver Light Technology) XAML, VS 2008, Silver Light 2.0, Silver Light Pad, Expression Blend 2, Expression Web 2, Expression Design 2, Photoshop cs3, After Effects cs3, Premier Pro cs3, Project, FTP.
Duration: 6 Months | Fees: 90,000 INR
Diploma in 3D Animation and Graphics Fundamentals in Design Amination drawing, Pre-Production, Post Production, Graphics, 2D/3D Animation, Graphics & webs, Editing, Composing, Photoshop, Maya, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After effects, Project
Duration: 3 Years
Animation and Multimedia Technology Principles and concepts of Multimedia Animation & Graphics, Flash, Coral Draw, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Project
Duration: 6 Months | Fees: 40,000 INR
Any students / professionals interested in building career in Animation.
NOTE : The duration of all above Training Programmes are variable. 70% time is given to practical & 30% time is given to theory. Every participant will get the Certificate at the end of the course.