The Process Control Instruments Laboratory consists of Pressure Laboratory, Temperature Laboratory & Flow Laboratory.The Process Control Instruments Lab. Undertakes calibration and testing of Instruments relating to Pressure, Vacuum, Temperature, Force & Flow.The standards maintained in the laboratories are traceable to National / International Standards. Besides Calibration Instruments are also Type Tested as per B/S, NBS, DIN & IEC Standards. The lab also undertakes field calibration at sites, in-plants, on shore installations and drilling ships & service vassals at off shore. DIMENSIONAL METROLOGY LABORATORY Dimensional Metrology Laboratory undertakes calibration of Instruments relating to measurement of length, Torque such as Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, slip Gauges, Dial Gauges, Torque Testers etc. It also undertakes Dimensional Verification of Tools, Products, Profile contour using CMM etc. The Calibration & Testing Laboratories are well equipped meeting the National / International Standards. The Electrical & Process Control Instruments Laboratories were accredited earlier under the NCTCF program of accreditation and recently in the area of calibration under the National Accreditation Board for Calibration & Testing Laboratories (NABL) for Electro-technical, Mechanical (Pressure) & Fluid Flow Measurements.