The Electrical Laboratory consists of Electrical Calibration Laboratory & Electrical Testing Laboratory. The Electrical Laboratory undertakes calibration and testing of Electrical Instruments relating to DC & AC electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Resistance, Inductance & Capacitance, Power Factor, Frequency (rpm) etc.The standards maintained in the Laboratory are traceable to National / International Standards. Besides calibration the Instruments are also Type – Tested as per BIS, BS, NEMA & IEC standards. The Lab also undertakes field calibration & testing at sites in plants, ships etc. Electrical Laboratory also undertakes testing of Domestic Appliances, Igniters, Electrical / Electronic Ballast & Electrical Relays as per relevant BIS Standards. The Laboratory has facilities to carryout Energy Audit, Harmonic Measurement, Environmental Testing & Ingress Protection (IP) testing of Instruments, Equipments, Electrical Panels & Products.